New energy saving device promises to cut heating bills

Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:33 AM

A new energy saving device designed to help UK homeowners beat the energy companies’ heating bill increases this winter is now available.

Rising fuel prices mean homeowners are frantically searching for ways to cut their heating bills and maximise the benefits they get from the heating they pay for.

Money savvy, energy efficient homeowners will welcome the launch this autumn of the unique Oxyvent Tank. Small enough to fit into an airing cupboard, it promises to save money on heating bills and reduce carbon emissions whilst heating a home more effectively.

The new tank will promises to resolve common domestic heating problems, reducing maintenance costs in any of the 22 million homes in the UK with a water-based heating system, old or new.

Paul Worswick, Oxyvent director, says rising fuel prices mean homeowners want ways to cut heating bills and maximise the benefit they get from the heating they do pay for.

“With carbon emission reductions taking centre stage and rising living costs leaving little spare cash to fix heating problems when they arise, the Oxyvent tank addresses all of these problems in one neat little affordable tank,” he said.


Energy saving tips to cut electricity bills

Energy saving solutions for consumers hit by rising prices

With electricity prices’ increasing, in some cases, by an inflation busting 16 per cent, and all major utility companies announcing huge rises, has researched ways to stop energy bill taking a bite out of a household’s budget.

Beat the Big Freeze with double glazing

Double glazing can help keep out this year's 'Big Freeze'

The 2010 ‘Big Freeze’ was reported to be one of the coldest on record and to combat the extreme cold many households resorted to ramping up the heating, a short-term solution which came back to bite many when the energy bills landed on the doorstep.

IKEA launch new energy saving 40W bulbs

IKEA's LED version of the 40W bulb saves homes money

IKEA’s new LED version of the most commonly used household bulb, the 40W bulb, has the ability to save homes money as the super-efficient bulb can last up to 20 years, IKEA claimed today. If household replace the common 40W bulb with IKEA’s LEDARE E27 8W bulbs it is likely they won’t have to be replaced for another 20 years.

Radiators can be programmed with new device

Device offers cheap and easy energy solution

Homeowners desperate to shave money off their rapidly rising heating bills without forking out hundreds of pounds for insulation and new boilers are now being offered a simple solution for around £25.

Government are rolling out 57m smart meters

Energy providers should be doing more to cut bills

New research by Navetas Energy Management has found that energy providers ‘are falling short in providing energy efficient initiatives that meet consumer demands’ they are also failing to educate customer on the money saving benefits of the smart meter.

Warm Front scheme could help with boiler costs

Financial help to heat up your home and cut costs

Not enough people are taking advantage of Government help to heat up their homes. The Warm Front scheme offers heating and insulation improvements to households living on low incomes but is set for up to a £30 million underspend this year.

Smart meters to help reduce energy use

'Smart meters' to boost energy efficiency

'Smart meters' are to be installed in around 30 million homes and businesses across the UK as part of Government plans to secure a low carbon future. It is anticipated homes will save around £23 a year on their energy bills as a result of the meters.

One degree could save 10 per cent

Turning the heat down on arguing families

Turning room thermostats down by just one degree could save up to 10 per cent on annual heating bills, according to energy experts. Struggling households are also advised to close curtains as soon as night falls; buy draft excluders and switch appliances off at the socket overnight.

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Natural tones spring trend

Plain is in for spring.

Forget bright and bold when redecorating your home as pale tones make a furnishings comeback. It seems spring may bring out colours in the garden but many home furnishing companies are offering a range of paler tones for customers.

How to make your home more energy efficient

Installing loft insulation will save you money on heating.

Taking action to improve your home’s energy efficiency will save you money and lead to a better lifestyle. With some simple changes your home will require less heating, cooling and have a better climate for day-to-day life. We show you how.